3rd Sourcing Seminar Moldova

Find suppliers at the 3rd B2B Sourcing Seminar Moldova

Join the seminar and discover new business opportunities in Moldova!

Source image: BME e.V.

Date: date to be decided

Location: Chișinău, Moldova

Partners: GIZ Moldova and ODA


Event Details

tbd: B2B meetings

tbd: company visits


Product Groups / Services in Focus

Plastic moulding injection, steel structures and sheet metal, wet painting and powder coating, CNC Machining (steel, stainless, non-ferrous), small batches to mass production


BME travels to Moldova with purchasing delegation for B2B meetings

After two digital B2B events, BME and purchasing companies will travel to Moldova for the first time! Together with GIZ and in cooperation with ODA (Moldovan Organization for the Development of Entrepreneurship), BME invites you to discover new sourcing opportunities and find new suppliers at the Sourcing Seminar Moldova 2023. The B2B matchmaking event will take place in on-site in Chișinău, Moldova. B2B meetings on the 28th of February will be followed by company visits on the 1st of March.


Eastern European countries have increasingly become the focus of attention for German companies in recent years. They are still little-known though exciting procurement markets. As the past two events have shown, the Republic of Moldova is one of these markets.


BME B2B matchmaking for German SMEs and Moldovan suppliers builds on successful experiences of the last editions. Buyers can submit their specific requirements to BME until the 10th of February 2023. As part of the B2B seminar, buyers will have an opportunity to present their companies, requirements and needs to potential suppliers, as well to meet with them or even visit their companies on the following day. "Together with GIZ we create alternatives in the area of local for local and nearshoring in complex times," says Lisa Immensack, Senior Project Manager at BMEnet GmbH. " Both the purchasing and supplier sides have an opportunity to find out first-hand about current trends, establish new contacts and hold initial discussions."


The participation fee is 395 euros per buying company. The price is independent of the number of participants per company and includes the supplier list, B2B organization and on-site company visits. Travel costs will not be covered.


First steps to participate in this event

➀ Register first as buyer or supplier for BME Matchmaking Service free of charge.
➁ Fill out and send the questionnaire to BME. Mark the events you are interested in.
➂ BME will inform you, when you get access to the profiles and when you can register for the events.


Prices for suppliers

  • Registration for BME Matchmaking service: free of charge
  • B2B Booking Costs: free of charge

Prices for buyers

  • Registration for BME Matchmaking service: free of charge
  • Supplier List, which gives you access to supplier profiles for upcoming event in 2023: 395€*
  • 1 Year Flat Rate All Supplier Lists, which gives access to supplier profiles from all upcoming events in 2023: 995€ p.a.
    Subscription expires on: 31st of December of the current year**
  • Supplier Lists of past BME matchmaking events , with all details of supplier profiles: 595€/List
  • B2B Booking Costs: free of charge

(*)BME charges 395€ for the supplier list for booking events, regardless of event participation. Exception: BME-Sourcing-Guarantee for BME members and companies which have the Flat Rate.

BME-Sourcing-Guarantee: if no suitable suppliers are found, no costs will be incurred. Necessary for this: short feedback, no further use of supplier data, in some cases feedback talks with partners.


**The contract will be extended for another year (price: 995€+VAT) unless terminated 2 months before the end of the current year in the BME shop or by sending an
email to: [email protected]


Note: Prices plus VAT, applicable at the time of invoicing