Past Event - 1st Sourcing Day Baltic States

1st Sourcing Day Baltic States

Discover new sourcing possibilities at the 1st Sourcing Day Baltic States with BME!

Source image: BME e.V.

Date: Calendar week 21, 2023

Location: Online

Partners: AHK Baltic States


Sourcing Day Baltic States is a chance for buyers to find new business opportunities in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. B2B meetings, with previously selected suppliers, will take place online.


First steps to participate in this event 

➀ Register first as buyer or supplier for BME Matchmaking Service free of charge.
➁ Fill out and send the questionnaire to BME. Mark the events you are interested in.
➂ BME will inform you, when you get access to the profiles and when you can register for the events.


Prices for suppliers

  • Registration for BME Matchmaking service: free of charge
  • B2B Booking Costs for non AHK/non partner members: 350€
  • B2B Booking Costs for AHK/partner members: 300€

Note: You will receive the invoice from our AHK partner.

Prices for buyers

  • Registration for BME Matchmaking service: free of charge
  • Supplier List, which gives you access to supplier profiles for upcoming event in 2023: 395€*
  • 1 Year Flat Rate All Supplier Lists, which gives access to supplier profiles from all upcoming events in 2023: 995€ p.a.
    Subscription expires on: 31st of December of the current year**
  • Supplier Lists of past BME matchmaking events, with all details of supplier profiles, per list: 595€
  • B2B Booking Costs per company and B2B table (for all meetings): 300€

(*)BME charges 395€ for the supplier list for booking events, regardless of event participation. Exception: BME-Sourcing-Guarantee for BME members and companies which have the Flat Rate.

BME-Sourcing-Guarantee: if no suitable suppliers are found, no costs will be incurred. Necessary for this: short feedback, no further use of supplier data, in some cases feedback talks with partners.


**The contract will be extended for another year (price: 995€+VAT) unless terminated 2 months before the end of the current year in the BME shop or by sending an

email to: [email protected]


Note: Prices plus VAT, applicable at the time of invoicing