2nd Sourcing Day Hungary

Meet new suppliers at the 2nd @B2B Sourcing Day Hungary

Join the supplier search and find matching buyers by registering for the BME Matchmaking Services!

Source image: BME e.V.

Date: 7 September 2023

Location: AHK Hungary, Budapest

Partners: AHK Hungary


Companies have been facing more and more challenges and recent developments do not make them any easier. If you are interested in dual as well as local for local sourcing and finding new partners in Hungary, this event is a perfect place for you!

BME and the German Chamber of Commerce in Hungary cordially invite you to discover business opportunities in Hungary during the 2nd edition of the Sourcing Day Hungary.
Find suitable suppliers in the following product groups (for more information about the industry in Hungary please see SWOT Analysis):

Product Groups / Services in Focus


Mechanical Engineering - Special machine construction
- Subassembly production
Mechanics - Plastics technology
- Aluminium Sheet metal working
- Machined parts, chipless machining parts
- DIN and standard parts
- Castings
Electronics - Project-related electronics
- Software development & design
- Cables and cable assemblies
- Assembled printed circuit boards
Plastics - Plastic injection moulding
- Plastic welding
Medical Technology - Components for electronic medical instruments

- Software development, programming


First steps to participate in this event 

➀ Register first as buyer or supplier for BME Matchmaking Service free of charge.
➁ Fill out and send the questionnaire to BME. Mark the events you are interested in.
➂ BME will inform you, when you get access to the profiles and when you can register for the events.


Prices for suppliers

  • Registration for BME Matchmaking service: free of charge
  • B2B Booking Costs: 200€

Note: You will receive the invoice from our AHK partner.

Prices for buyers

  • Registration for BME Matchmaking service: free of charge
  • Supplier List, which gives you access to supplier profiles for upcoming event in 2023: 395€*
  • 1 Year Flat Rate All Supplier Lists, which gives access to supplier profiles from all upcoming events in 2023: 995€ p.a.
    Subscription expires on: 31st of December of the current year**
  • Supplier Lists of past BME matchmaking events, with all details of supplier profiles, per list: 595€
  • B2B Booking Costs per company and B2B table (for all meetings): 300€

(*)BME charges 395€ for the supplier list for booking events, regardless of event participation. Exception: BME-Sourcing-Guarantee for BME members and companies which have the Flat Rate.

BME-Sourcing-Guarantee: if no suitable suppliers are found, no costs will be incurred. Necessary for this: short feedback, no further use of supplier data, in some cases feedback talks with partners.


**The contract will be extended for another year (price: 995€+VAT) unless terminated 2 months before the end of the current year in the BME shop or by sending an

email to: [email protected]


Note: Prices plus VAT, applicable at the time of invoicing


Source SWOT Analysis: Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI)